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Dear Entrepreneurs:

I believe in the power of your story. 
It is our birthright to share our stories. 
We can heal ourselves and others through our stories. 

You found Storytelling Your Way to Success because you're obviously ready to start sharing stories. 

When you are equipped with the tools and simple strategies that speak right to heart of your readers, you'll change lives. 

Welcome to Storytelling Your Way to Success! 

Storytelling Your Way to Success is a 3-week online, creative writing course designed to help inspired leaders start getting personal stories published.   

Storytelling is a CONNECTION and CHANGE agent! Many inspired leaders WANT to write, WANT to get published AND don't know where to start! 

Storytelling Your Way to Success is a great place for you learn how to start your storytelling journey. 

Is Storytelling Your Way to Success the right course for you? 

  • ​​Are you blogging on your web site and not getting any sales? 
  • ​Are you in a rat race for new clients? 
  • Are you ready to create powerful, personal content your audience will engage and react to? 
  • Are you READY to share your messages with the world?
  • Are you looking for someone to show you what steps to take along the way?

What Will You Gain In Storytelling Your Way to Success? 

  • You will learn how to write ONE strong, powerful narrative. 
  • You will gain writing tips and tools to improve your writing for years to come. 
  • You will learn how to write authentically to create the KNOW, LIKE & TRUST factor. 
  • You will publish ONE story by the end of the course.
Ready to get going?!
Are you Ready To Start Storytelling?

We get to change when we address stories!
We grow when we accept our stories.
We learn from our stories. 

When we SHARE our stories, we are given an opportunity to help others CHANGE as a result of our experiences.

Carrie Severson, Writer & Storyteller Trainer

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Carrie Severson has always been connected to words. She has been a published writer for nearly 20 years. She writes about love, men, health, burnout, harmony and purpose for national women’s media outlets.

Her byline has appeared in,,,, The Huffington Post and many more.

Today, Carrie teaches inspired entrepreneurs how to share their stories with the world as a way to increase their platforms.

Storytelling Your Way to Success Lessons

Lesson One: What's On Your Heart?
This lesson gets you thinking about your biggest message. You will dive in and work on various writing assignments each day. 

Lesson Two: Share Your Soul! 
Carrie will teach you how to write one 600 - 700 word personal narrative. This lesson breaks down your one personal narrative paragraph by paragraph. You will gain access to writing tips and tools to improve your content for years to come! 

Lesson Three: Set Your Story Free!
Are you ready to get published? This lessons teaches you, step-by-step, how to publish your own stories on one of many different media outlets. 

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  • Three weekly modules, videos, writing assignments, writing examples and step-by-step directions to help you in the world of storytelling.  
  • Resources to help you always improve your writing. 
  • Tutorial on how to publish your essay on several different media outlets.

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